Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cupcake Stamp Camp

Recently I went to a evening of stamping, punching, coloring, embossing and gluing of these adorable cards. My friend Angela who hosted and taught all of us some new tricks called this good time... Cupcake Camp. I loved it, and you can clearly see why she named it so. The next time she does one, and you live in the Las Vegas area, give me a ring and I will invite you to be my guest. There is always laughter, music, talking, yummy homemade food and of course the beautiful cards. If you want to visit Angela's blog you can...
This card was fun for me because of the coloring, I don't do much coloring when I make cards so anytime that I get to do so I have a good time.

I am so glad I made this card because the next week I was going to Utah for my Grandpas 85th birthday and I had a card for him. (most of my other birthday cards were more feminine).

I love the dry embossing. Cant talk myself into a machine just yet, but I do like the effect it has on paper.

This was cool smudgy ink technique that we learned, the sun was done in the negative. I am going to have to try this one out at my house.

The letterpress was AWESOME!!! I love the look it gave to the card.

there was one more project that we made, but I gave it away the next day to my roommates for valentines day. I forgot to get a picture first so I am stealing my friend Tiffany's pic she posted. Thanks Tiffany! You can find her awesome cards on her blog

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five - Rules of Attraction- Things that make me swoon

TALLNESS: I love a guy who can make my 6 ft frame feel small. I am just like every other girl out there, I want to feel protected and watched over.
SMARTS: I love a guy who reads. Not magazines but actual books. I like a guy who can sit down on the deck with me and read a book. I just about always have 2-3 books being read and so if I can't share that part of my life with the guy I am sharing my life with then I would be very sad. I once had a guy while on a first date with me that he thought that "reading is a waste if time." we had not even made it to dinner yet and I wanted to turn around and end the date right then. I never went out with that guy again because if my husband ever said that to my children I would smack him.
HANDY: I love a guy who is handy. I can do many handy things around the house and it is a total turn off when I find out that I am more handy then the guy I like. I don't expect the the guy will always be able to fix the broken things but I think it's sexy when a guy is a mans man with a Teddy bear inside. I was at church last week and we had Just made sandwiches for
the homeless and we were putting them into a box. The guy that I will call "hot j" was looking very confused on how to fold the sides of a box to make the bottom of the box, so just as I was about to say something he said "this always confuses me, can you help me?" can you believe that? The guy didn't know how to make a box! Wow! I changed his name right then, from here to fourth he shall be referred to as just "can't make a box! hot j."
COMMITTED: I think it's super hot when a guy is secure enough in his own self to show his beliefs. I want a guy who is committed to the Lord and to me. I want a guy who knows how important it is to attend all of their church meetings and duties. I think a guy who is good with kids is hot. I want a guy who will be in my corner in a fight or feud but who will do everything in his power to help me see the other side of the fight/feud so that we can end it together.
INDEPENDENT: I think it's hot when a guy has his own friends and expects me to have my own as well. I think it's hot when a guy doesn't expect their girlfriend to call to check in. I want a guy who I can trust and who trusts me.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Powder Puff

I had so much fun at the Powder Puff game and assembly today. For those of you who dont know what that is, its the one game a year where the guys are the cheerleaders and the girls are the football players. Its fun, crazy and a good time by all. I am exhausted though. We have been working for days on all the shirts and tutu's for our Junior class boys. It all came together in the end and that is all I could have asked for. The Junior kids who participated were awesome.

Carrying all the tutu's

All the Dancers & Players

Miss Yoder (Senior Class Advisor) & Miss Stout (Junior Class Advisor)

Junior Boys Dancing at Halftime

Two of the senior boys

Tired but finished with the assembly

J & Z modeling the Junior Class Shirt

The Junior portion of the stands

Friday Five - Fav Authors

1. James Patterson-
I love that his suspensful series like the Alex cross series and the womens murder club are so well written and he does such a good job creating a setting and making it so easy to connect to the characters.

2. Diana Garbalden -

great historial fiction writer! I love how she can take a portion of history and weave a wonderful love/ slightly sci fi story. Her books are one that if I pick it up I won't put it down till I am done. Normally that is a good thing but not with garbalden books because her books are like 500-600 pages. Eek!!

3. Anita Stansfield-

I love the part of the series that she writes that starts with "first love; second chances", I love the portion of it that takes place in australia. It seems like such a beautiful and almost magical place. It's also the land of "the man from snowy river". What could be more romantic than that?!

4. Lynn Gardner-

I loved her gem mystery books; starting with emeralds and espionage and it had such titles in the series like turquoise & terrorist, diamonds & danger, pearls & perial. I loved those books when I was a teenager. All of the copies I own are signed too because Lynn is from Quartz Hill CA, right next to me in Lancaster. When I worked at the Beehive book I was able to meet her and get them all signed.

5. Jack Weyland-

I think I like this author because his writing has changed a lot while I have been reading him. I like how the books he wrote in the 80's and 90's totally were for more of a teen audience, and now it seems like the books he is writing are more for my age now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Best Mail Day! EVER!

A few days ago I had the best mail day ever! I know what you are thinking, mail day... weird. Its true though! I came home to a stack of mail. The first letter was a check from my sister from some jeans I purchased for her hubby a while ago. Who dosent like money in the mail? The next was a letter fromt he school disrict saying that my licence had lapsed... except that the next letter was a large manila envelope with my renewed licence. Yeah thats how efficient my school district is. Two netflix movies. A check from a SAT that I proctored a while ago. Money! Again! of course there was a bill in there, but it was small so I am going to count that in the good category.
Thats what I am going call the best "mail" day ever!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Funny/Scary ads from the past

With all the talk about the quality of ads during the superbowl I decided to take a look into the past at different ads.

Healthy Living...All it's cracked up to be?

"Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint."
—Mark Twain

Goiter Free!!! Ha that is awesome!

This is just a sad advertizement.

Dr. Batty's Asthma Cigarettes
Cigarettes with unknown contents claimed to provide temporary relief of everything from asthma to colds, canker sores and bad breath. "Not recommended for children under 6."

Mmmmm...lard. Does anyone else feel queasy?
Is it my imagination or is mom looking at them like they are crazy?
Or is she just thinking about her "stylin" swimming suit and wonding if she is showing just a little too much skin? What will all of the ladies say at the country club? Silly lady, they won't care because they are too busy smoking and eating lard!
I think babies are too early to start cola, wow!

No more toothache, wait, are those children creepy or is it just me?
How can they build a house out of sticks if they are high on cocaine?

Uh, there are so many things to say about this,
I can't even sort and process them because my "smart a**" filter is on overload. :-)

What! You mean I have been killing myself at the gym and all I had to do is this!
Uhg, this is gross on so many levels, and I can not believe that people were really stupid enough to do this. Maybe all of the cocaine and arsenic helped.

All I can say is that I think that Mr. Twain was right on this one. Be careful of advertising - it's a killer.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

A relaxing saturday... I wish. So much to do.

sorry I have been so absent lately. The junior class student council is really eating up my time. Southern Zone for 13 hours last Saturday, 2 hours of Powderpuff practice every day this week, and our 2 meetings this week - one of which lasted 3 hours! Geez! I had no idea the Stuco was going to take so much of my time. I knew that prom was going to take a lot of time, but its all of the other stuff that is taking so much time. Fundraising! fundraising! fundraising! gosh! I cant stop thinking about how much money we need to raise and how we are going to do it and how much I need the help of my slightly lazy council members to help me and take some initiative. Hopefully this week I will get home at least once before dark and I will hopefully get more than 5 hours of sleep at least a few nights this week.
Today was nice though. I took the time to do laundry, get my eyebrows waxed, cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, as well as getting most of a craft done. I would have been able to finish it, but I needed it to dry a little more before putting the finishing touches on the project.
Then my roommates and I, plus Skyler's friend Josh went to see the movie "Season of the Witch" It was interesting, but not at all what I expected it was going to be like. I do have to say that the accents were horrible.