Monday, March 26, 2012

Las Vegas Downtown Str"EATS" - food truck party

A few weekends ago I met a friend Val and another girl in downtown Las Vegas. I had never been but apparently there is a big party downtown with food trucks and other vendors twice a year. It was really fun, a local DJ provided music and there was tons of free giveaways.
My friend was late an I had a little bit of a freak out while I was waiting cuz I looked like some kind of pariah standing there alone for 55 min with just my phone for company.
I had a minor twitter freakout while I was waiting for my friend, 35 posts in a span of 45 min. Not good. One nice thing happened while I was standing alone. A guy who had also been standing alone near me by the front gate came over and said, "are you waiting for someone too?" I responded in the positive and he proceeded to ask if he could stand with me because his buddies were also late. We talked while we waited for our friends. So at least I didn't have to stand alone for the whole 55 min.

Gearing up for Chicago next week!

I saw this picture hanging in a little shop I was in today and it totally got my psyched up for my spring break vacation next week with Amie M. & Stephie K.
We are going to tear that town up!!!
We got such an amazing deal on airfare and an amazing hotel- we quite literally could not pass this deal up. In case you are wondering about our fabulous accommodations I suggest that you look up The Palmer House Hilton- it blew my socks off!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lunch and Target with Amie

Today Amie and I met up for lunch at Cafe Rio and a little Target perusing. While at the Target we came across a fun little toy- so this is one of my adventures!
It was so cool- it's a Lego man in a little bag, and you don't know which one it is till you open it! We both picked one up and had our big reveal over lunch.
Mine was a sleepy boy in blue and whit pjs. And Amies was a highlander with a mullet! It was awesome! I was hoping to get the statue of liberty, cuz that would have been awesome, but this was an acceptable option as well. :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lincoln Drawings

I came across these awesome Lincoln drawings while doing some Facebook investigation into a friends friend. The guy who did them is super talented! I ended up ordering a print of one of these that I am going to hang in my classroom. If he did one for every president I would totally buy them! It would be totally amazing but I don't think he will, but I am hoping he does a few other of our more popular presidents!
If you like Jason Pruett's stuff you should check out his blog it's I especially like the thumb print pieces.