Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Five - Fav Authors

1. James Patterson-
I love that his suspensful series like the Alex cross series and the womens murder club are so well written and he does such a good job creating a setting and making it so easy to connect to the characters.

2. Diana Garbalden -

great historial fiction writer! I love how she can take a portion of history and weave a wonderful love/ slightly sci fi story. Her books are one that if I pick it up I won't put it down till I am done. Normally that is a good thing but not with garbalden books because her books are like 500-600 pages. Eek!!

3. Anita Stansfield-

I love the part of the series that she writes that starts with "first love; second chances", I love the portion of it that takes place in australia. It seems like such a beautiful and almost magical place. It's also the land of "the man from snowy river". What could be more romantic than that?!

4. Lynn Gardner-

I loved her gem mystery books; starting with emeralds and espionage and it had such titles in the series like turquoise & terrorist, diamonds & danger, pearls & perial. I loved those books when I was a teenager. All of the copies I own are signed too because Lynn is from Quartz Hill CA, right next to me in Lancaster. When I worked at the Beehive book I was able to meet her and get them all signed.

5. Jack Weyland-

I think I like this author because his writing has changed a lot while I have been reading him. I like how the books he wrote in the 80's and 90's totally were for more of a teen audience, and now it seems like the books he is writing are more for my age now.

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