Friday, December 31, 2010

My Christmas - 2010

I too had a different sort of Christmas this year. With the lack of money and the fact that I was moving over my Christmas break it was just not feasible to travel home for the break. I instead opted to stay in Las Vegas and packed, and packed and packed. I have too much stuff! I love my stuff so it is hard to downsize, but I have too much stuff.
My roommates Shanna, Skyler & I decided that we would wake up Christmas morning and open our presents to each other and then we would go over to their parents house on the other side of town. From Skyler I received a beautiful necklace and a photo album, and from Shanna I received a few books, some scrapbooking supplies and a bottle of balsamic vinegar. I love balsamic!

Skyler loves the Atari that Shanna and I got for him.

From my Christmas family (Jeff's family) I was so happy to receive a movie that I love and did not own "Leap Year" and a gift card to my favorite place to eat... Cafe Rio!

From Mom & Dad I got some really pretty picture frames, nice grading pens, some Boston items from moms trip this summer(since she knows Boston was my favorite city when I lived in Palmyra) and some great scrapbooking supplies.

Warming ourselves by the fire - TV style.

We went to see the new movie Tron Legacy; it was great! I had never seen the original Tron, so I prepared myself the week before by watching it. So great!
After the movie we went back to their parents house and hung out for a while before we headed up to the Mt. Charleston Lodge for dinner. It had been snowing heavily for days before Christmas, so we were pleasantly surprised that it was open for business. We had a wonderful dinner while we wondered at the snow out the window and warm fire in the center of the room. (Pictures coming soon, my camera ran out of battery and so Shanna had to take the pictures.)

Two days later Dad came to visit me for a four day mini-vacation. Unfortunately, The day after he arrived it was move day.( BTW he knew that I was moving, and he still came to help - Amazing dad!) With all his experience with packing vans and driving Uhauls he was indispensable. Shanna was originally the one who what going to drive the truck and she was very nervous about that. Dad was a champ and took that off her very nervous hands. With the help of a few others and several hours we got everything over to the new apt and were able to treat ourselves to dinner at a great restaurant here in Las Vegas called "Super Mex". Then once we got home we were able to fall into bed in utter exhaustion. Later Shanna commented to me about how amazing and hard working my dad was. This was not news to me or any of you I am sure, but to her a hard, laborious, working dad was cool. She then commented that her dad was so wussy (sp?) compared to my dad, and that hers would have complained the whole day about everything and she thought it was really cool that my dad was so willing to help and was able to fix a few things, and hang a few shelves along the way. (her dad cant fix anything!) Shanna asks me to help her fix things; not her dad.
Dad and I were able to take some time and play and just visit. He helped me out by replacing a tail light that had gone out and her also helped me get my car ready for my registration smog check. So good to me! He and I drove out to the Hoover Dam and to see the new bridge that spans the gorge that the Hoover Dam is in. We also visited the Temple, but drove up just as they were locking it up for the next month while they did some work on the Temple. So I was unable to show him the cool atrium inside the temple that people are able to go into.
I was so happy to have dad out to visit me since I was unable to go home for the Christmas break.

Dad in Nevada and Merika in Arizona

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Card Making Extravaganza

A few weeks ago I went to another card making super saturday. Its great, becuase I get to sit and talk with friends and make beautiful cards and all for the amazing price of 25$! She even fed us! The host this time was a friend of mine named Angela. She is so creative and just started selling stampin' up. Here are the cards that I made at here super saturday event.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Couch!

I am feeling really excited right now because my roommate Shanna and I just purchased a couch together. It is so beautiful! We got it at the Walker furniture clearance center and got a screaming deal on it! Take a look!

This is the picture we took in the store. When it gets delivered I will be sure to post so that you may all want to come over and sit on it and chat.

Monday, December 20, 2010

You guessed it... I am moving again!

Its official! I am moving again! I know what you are all thinking... "Why is Merika moving again?" My only explanation for this moving insanity would be the fact that I must be crazy. Just like my parents when all the kids were younger. I have lived in Las Vegas since 2007 and have lived in 5 places and that number is about to be 6. Five reasons I am excited about this move; 1. Shanna and Skyler are the best roommates and they are moving with me. 2. I will be living closer to my work, but not too close if you know what you mean. 3. I will be close to my favorite stores including, but not exclusively...

As well as Kyandys Scrapbook house, and Scrapin time. 4. After living in a house and having all that crazy responsibility, I am moving into an apartment where I don't have to remember what day is trash day or weed the pathway or sweep up mountains of leaves from trees and best of all I will have a gym on the facility so there will be no more excuses. 5. New singles ward!! I am so excited about that last one. The current singles ward I am in is a total let down.

I am totally going to love living in the southeast corner of Las Vegas.

We are moving on the 28th and so I would like to offer to all of you a opportunity (and I wish I could say that it wont come up again but...) we would love to have any and all help available to help load and unload the truck.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I wish I could say that I totally met Justin Bieber, but alas I did not. Shanna and I were at the movie theaters the other day and we saw this awesome display advertising the new Justin Bieber Movie - Never say Never. So funny, there was a red rope too! So fun!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday 2010

I am so proud of myself! Even though I wanted to go shopping at the butt crack of dawn I made myself sleep in and skip all the crowds. I am also proud of myself because I spent less then 100$ on the whole day and I visited Walmart, Target, Scrappin' Time, Dollar Tree, and went out to eat with my good friend Staci. I even got all the rest of my Christmas Gifts.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


As a teacher in Las Vegas I only got Thursday and Friday off of work for the thanksgiving holiday; so driving 9 hours each way was out of the question so I got to stay in town. Yea! I know that looked like a sarcastic "yea", but it wasn't. I got to spend the whole weekend lounging, some light black Friday shopping, making yummy home made crescent rolls, packing boxes for the move in December and crafting. What could be better than that? Oh yeah! Thanksgiving Dinner at Staci's house!! Staci is a good friend that has completely revived my love of scrapbooking. She is my number one crafting friend and she and her husband invited my roommate Shanna and I over of dinner. It was yummy, fun and a great all day event.

Here's the real kicker. Even though Staci and I are avid scrapbookers we didn't take any pictures of the day. FAIL!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

1000 Random Acts of Culture

My dad sent this video to me and I just love it. Shoppers at the the Macy's in Philadelphia (the old Wanamaker building) were surprised when over 600 choristers who were there mingling with regular shoppers suddenly burst into Handel's Hallelujah Chorus. It's pretty awesome.

The Opera Company of Philadelphia was instrumental in bringing it together to perform one of the Knight Foundation's "1000 Random Acts of Culture" which they'll be doing over the next three years across the country. Accompanied by the Wanamaker Organ - the world's largest pipe organ - the singers burst into song at exactly noon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movies tonight

Shanna and I went out to the Orleans for a movie tonight and were so disgusted by the smell eminating from the theater that we were supposed to be in. We were trying to see Unstoppable, but ended up seeing Megamind. It ended up being a really cute movie, but I still want to see Unstoppable.
When we told the manager, told us that it had happened the day before, Hello! if it smells like the sewer is backing up, then you shouldn't put people into that theater till its fixed. I dont think I will be going back to that theater anytime soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Sorry People! I have been so busy that I have been just going crazy, but something funny happened at work today so I thought I just had to share. It was 8th period and the kids were creating travel brochures for different countires in South America and a kid that I could tell was getting frustrated with something he was working on was motioning for me to come over, but I was already helping another student and I made a motion to the first student that I would be there in just a moment. After a minute more the first student must have gotten to his limit of waiting because he turned to me and said very loudly " Mom! I need help with this!" He quickly realized what he had said and began turning red.

So funny!

I wish I could say that this was the first time I had been called "mom" by my students.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Dexter Halloween!

The Friday before Halloween my roommate Shanna and I threw a Dexter (from Showtime) Halloween party. We planned and made awesome decorations Dexter themed food and when the time came 4 of our friends came. bum bum bum..... LAME! All of you that didn't show missed out on a fantastic party!

Crime Scene!
Skylar helping me put up the kill room- or I should say I was helping him construct the kill room.

Everyone needed a badge to enter the crime scene.

Merika with the guest of Honor - Dexter Morgan

the ladies brought their own fun - Four Locos - the equilivant of 6 beers and 2 cups of coffee all in one massive energy drink for adults.
Bathroom Beware!

Merika & Skylar
Cupcake lab - just like Dexter's blood spatter lab.

Mime & Sandra Dee
The spread
Skylar & Merika
Argh! There will be only one wench at this here party!

Suicide is not always the answer Brandi!
The ladies with the guest of honor.
The Hostess'
Our costume contest winners
The kitchen
I love my blood spatter sign

The Amie Dance - HOT!

At some point we all decided to take really close up pictures. Not entirely sure why but I think I look like a mouse from the movie "An American Tail - Fifel goes West"


Our kill kit