Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Five - Rules of Attraction- Things that make me swoon

TALLNESS: I love a guy who can make my 6 ft frame feel small. I am just like every other girl out there, I want to feel protected and watched over.
SMARTS: I love a guy who reads. Not magazines but actual books. I like a guy who can sit down on the deck with me and read a book. I just about always have 2-3 books being read and so if I can't share that part of my life with the guy I am sharing my life with then I would be very sad. I once had a guy while on a first date with me that he thought that "reading is a waste if time." we had not even made it to dinner yet and I wanted to turn around and end the date right then. I never went out with that guy again because if my husband ever said that to my children I would smack him.
HANDY: I love a guy who is handy. I can do many handy things around the house and it is a total turn off when I find out that I am more handy then the guy I like. I don't expect the the guy will always be able to fix the broken things but I think it's sexy when a guy is a mans man with a Teddy bear inside. I was at church last week and we had Just made sandwiches for
the homeless and we were putting them into a box. The guy that I will call "hot j" was looking very confused on how to fold the sides of a box to make the bottom of the box, so just as I was about to say something he said "this always confuses me, can you help me?" can you believe that? The guy didn't know how to make a box! Wow! I changed his name right then, from here to fourth he shall be referred to as just "can't make a box! hot j."
COMMITTED: I think it's super hot when a guy is secure enough in his own self to show his beliefs. I want a guy who is committed to the Lord and to me. I want a guy who knows how important it is to attend all of their church meetings and duties. I think a guy who is good with kids is hot. I want a guy who will be in my corner in a fight or feud but who will do everything in his power to help me see the other side of the fight/feud so that we can end it together.
INDEPENDENT: I think it's hot when a guy has his own friends and expects me to have my own as well. I think it's hot when a guy doesn't expect their girlfriend to call to check in. I want a guy who I can trust and who trusts me.


  1. Confession. I have the hardest time assembling those banker boxes... don't hate me.

  2. I wish I could say that he was trying to build a bankers box, but it was a normal 4 flap box.