Saturday, September 29, 2012

St. George with Amie

Amie and I needed to get out of town. Have a day away from Las Vegas for the day and just forget about the worries of school and life and everything. It was so relaxing. We did a little bit of shopping at the smallest mall in America. We ate ranch burgers at Arctic Circle and enjoyed one of their yummy shakes. On the way back I found out that the road construction on the southbound 15 through the gorge was still going on. We took the other way around through Santa Clara. Super cute little town. On the way, we found this little cave (could be big, we didn't get in it, and we couldn't see the back) it smelled like urine and there was broken glass on the ground. There was also all this graffiti that dated back to the 70's.


  1. You and your Indian graffiti! I could go for a Ranch Burger right now....

  2. this was not Indian Graffiti - at least not in the way I know you are referring. It could be Native American Graffiti, we were just outside a reservation. :)