Thursday, September 6, 2012

Romney Rally 2012


I have no idea why this didn't get posted right after I did this, but.... here it is. Only a few months later :)
Back a few months ago I was made aware of the fact that Mitt Romney was going to be making an appearance at a shipping center in South West Las Vegas. I was talking about my attendance with my visiting teacher when she told me that she was actually working for the company that was setting up the event. She then told me that if I ended up going to let her know and that she would try and get me into the back room after the rally to possibly meet Mitt.
After the Rally I made my way over to the edge of the room where she was able to let me into the back room. There were several Las Vegas Republican leaders with their families and then me. Mitt finally came back and spoke a few words and then we were all able to go up and meet he and Ann. I met Ann first, she asked me about myself and what my name was, then she turned and introduced me to Mitt; relaying all of the information that she had just learned about me to him. He asked me about being a teacher in Las Vegas and what my job is like in this economy as well as the challenges we are facing in education. We spoke for a few minutes longer then took a few pictures and then said farewell.

It was so AWESOME!!!!


  1. This is just uber-cool Merika! You rock! I want a picture with Ann and Mitt! Very exciting.

  2. How did you NOT share this story when we were all together???

  3. I love that you were able to meet the Romneys! Did they like your patriotic name? What was your overall view of what kind of people they are? You can answer me on facebook.

  4. Krystal - I guess it never came up! It was so cool though!
    Kari - They both loved my name! Ann asked me how to spell it and even said to Mitt "This is Merika, dont you just love her name?" My overall feeling about them as people, I felt that they were so real and genuine. Mitt is shorter than I thought he would be. Only about 6'2" or 6'3". I love Ann, would absolutly love it if she was the First Lady.

  5. AHh that is SO cool, I'm glad you were able to go!