Sunday, September 16, 2012


I haven't remembered my dreams consistently for a few years. That is until this past week. Out of the last 7 sleeps, I have awoken and remembered 3 very vivid dreams. They all are totally crazy and they all completely confuse me!
Since this is a rare occurrence
-my remembering dreams- 
I am going to share them with the world.

Tuesday morning when I woke up, I had to run to the mirror and check on my teeth. I had gone to the dentist the previous day and at the end of the cleaning and check up, my dentist said "no decay, gums looking great, keep doing what you are doing" while all of that is good, it has taken me over 2 years of obsessiveness about my dental care to hear that. Normally there is something that he has to say to me that I can improve on. Back to the dream. I had to check my teeth when I woke up because I had a nightmare about one of my molars on the upper right side. This is the one tooth that I have had the most problems with in the past. I got a filling in college and then last year I had to get the filling redone. In my dream, I was making out with someone, when all of a sudden I got a sharp pain in that area and then my mouth was filled with sharp chalky pieces. My tooth had crumbled! Turned to dust!
Since Tuesday morning, I have been obsessing even more about that tooth. What if my dentist ( who I love- Dr. Kim at Pointe North Dental- I recommend him!) was wrong?
 What if that tooth has a problem and it is going to just disintegrate in an instant?
I know it was just a dream, but it still freaked me out!

Friday morning I was really confused by the dream I had the previous night. I am not even all that sure about what was happening except that I was at school late one night working and this other teacher at my school- the one that I am actually trying to NOT be friends with, but he is cordial to me every time we see each other at school, came to my classroom and just started talking to me. It was actually a really nice conversation and then all of a sudden we were at a Italian place on Paradise called Mr. B's and we were sitting in the back corner- MAKING OUT!
This is not a man that I am attracted to! He is much older than me and he is married! What is going on in my dreams?!?!?

Just now on Sunday morning, I awoke from my slumber to the memory of a very strange dream that I had last night. This is the one that really confuses me.
I was living in a house just like the one I used to live in on Normandy Ln, but the backyard was only the middle 3rd of the real yard. I had a white (girl) rabbit named Snowball. One night a guy who looks like Michael Weston (from burn notice) came and knocked on my front door. In my dream, I knew him so I invited him in. In my dream his name was the same as one of my former students. For the sake of privacy, we will call him DB. As DB walks into my house I see that he has a pet carrier with him, I inquire about it, and he tells me that he has a gift for me. A black (boy) rabbit. I thanked him, we decided that Midnight should be its name and then we let the black rabbit loose into the backyard to live with my white rabbit Snowball.
When DB had knocked I was just about to start making dinner so I invited him to stay for dinner, we made mini pizzas and then watched The Rocketeer. (This little fact is significant because that is what I did on my first ever date in real life). We played the card game War, and talked and laughed for a few hours.
When it was time to leave I walked him to the front door, where he leaned in for a kiss. He left and walked back to his car. When he got there, (I was no longer living my dream in the first person, but now just witnessing it as if a ghost, because no one could see me) I saw in the passenger seat of his car, his actual girlfriend. She had been waiting in the car the whole time. She looked to mad and she yelled at him for making her wait in the car for hours while he was inside.

That is when I woke up- I don't know why she was waiting, why she would wait for hours, and what he was doing kissing me when they are clearly still dating? It's all very confusing and now getting fuzzy/hazy/hard to remember the details the longer I am awake.

That dream had so many weird crossovers from all different parts of my actual life, parts that have never actually mixed.

I used to be sad that I was unable to remember my dreams as vividly as I had been able to when I was in HS and college. But if this is what they have been like, maybe it's been a blessing in disguise that I haven't remembered many of my dreams over the past few years.

I would love to hear all of your opinions on these dreams, maybe a interpreter of dreams would like to tell me what they all mean, or IF they have meaning. Or you can, and probably should, just tell me that I am a crazy person.

          Hoping for a dreamless sleep tonight!

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