Friday, October 15, 2010

Homecoming Week

I am part of student counsel at Chap, I am in charge of the junior class - 2012. We have been preparing for weeks for the combine homecoming/cleat game. Every year our school plays against Eldorado HS for the cleat. Its a trophie we fight over every year. Its intense and tons of fun to attend. With it being the homecoming game we had lots to do to prepare for it. We had to build a float for the halftime show, we had to prepare for the annual tailgate for before the game and we had shirts to decorate for several spirit days - including the day of the game.

Here are the few of the shirts being decorated the week before the game at the house where we built the float.

Here we are just about half way done. The theme was Alice and wonderland and we are showing the battle between the Devious Sun Devils and the Couragous Cowboys for the cleat.

These are some of the finished float and all of our characters. We had the Mad Hatter, Tweedledee & Tweedledum, the white rabbit, the sun devil, the cowboy, & four card people.

Having fun at the tailgate- there was a dunk tank, balloon animals, Spray on tattoos, and of course my booth which was selling spirit bracelets, our class shirts and ice cold gatorades.

Two of my most imaginative students ever - the Cooper boys.

At the game we had the band, the flag team the cheerleaders, alumni, and current students and of course the staff all cheering for our cowboys.

My kids right after tailgate ended and before the game started, Good times.

I had so much fun this week planning and carrying out all the plans for homecoming/cleat, tailgate and everything else. It was fun, but wow I am so tired I cant wait to sleep!

BTW we lost the game by 1 pt in ot. The cowboys played hard, but the sun devils just played slightly better.

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