Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Dexter Halloween!

The Friday before Halloween my roommate Shanna and I threw a Dexter (from Showtime) Halloween party. We planned and made awesome decorations Dexter themed food and when the time came 4 of our friends came. bum bum bum..... LAME! All of you that didn't show missed out on a fantastic party!

Crime Scene!
Skylar helping me put up the kill room- or I should say I was helping him construct the kill room.

Everyone needed a badge to enter the crime scene.

Merika with the guest of Honor - Dexter Morgan

the ladies brought their own fun - Four Locos - the equilivant of 6 beers and 2 cups of coffee all in one massive energy drink for adults.
Bathroom Beware!

Merika & Skylar
Cupcake lab - just like Dexter's blood spatter lab.

Mime & Sandra Dee
The spread
Skylar & Merika
Argh! There will be only one wench at this here party!

Suicide is not always the answer Brandi!
The ladies with the guest of honor.
The Hostess'
Our costume contest winners
The kitchen
I love my blood spatter sign

The Amie Dance - HOT!

At some point we all decided to take really close up pictures. Not entirely sure why but I think I look like a mouse from the movie "An American Tail - Fifel goes West"


Our kill kit

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  1. LMAO!!!!! you are so funny! Sad to say I haven't ever seen dexter..:(