Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thanks Dad!

So I am pretty proud of what I fixed today, all thanks to my dad who always let me watch when he was fixing stuff around our house, we was so good about talking me through his process when I was there observing. Occasionally he even let me help, though I am not sure how much help I actually was.
I had a broken toilet seat and my shower head was spraying the ceiling, so I took matters into my own hands and fixed both of them all by myself! (with the help of the Wal-mart parts department of course! Had to make sure I was buying all the right stuff!)


  1. Grandpa once helped me fix my dryer while I was wearing a nice dress, about to leave for a funeral. I had to get behind the dryer and find the solenoid and remove it....and replace it...all while he was telling me what to do...grab the red wire, no! not the blue wire! The red! Rip it out! Just rip it! ahhhhh....

  2. That sounds awesome, just like Grandpa Owen.