Saturday, September 25, 2010

Crafty! Crafty!

I have been uber crafty lately, and I have taken pictures of a few of the crafts.

These paper triangles are going to hang over all of students tables. I have been refering to them and the kids are just totoally confused, so I thought I should clear up some of the confusion for them. They have numbers on the bottom as well.

These are wooden snowflakes that my friend Val and I found in the wooden crafts section of Michaels. We sprayed them with a spray adhesive and then dipped into glitter. So fun! So much fun that we went right back to the store and bought out their supply and are planning on finishing them this week. You can see the piles of the unfinished ones in the corner of the photo.

The same day of the snowflakes I made all of my student aide gifts for halloween. Val and I picked out wooden coffins and painted them gray then hot glued the skull and cross bones and stickled their names. I loved how they turned out! I hope they do too!

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