Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small Miracles

This morning I found out that my roommate had left the gas stove on when she went to bed last night. Blessed be that my other roommate had found it before she went to bed, but it was still quite a scare. We have talked and hopefully this type of recklessness will not occur in the future. I feel blessed that I woke up this morning, that my roommate came home late last night so that she could see the problem and fix it. Blessed be, blessed be. Thank you for lifes small miracles.
Unfourtunatly in my run of roommates this is not the first time I have had something like this happen. Last time it was much more serious though. We slept through the night and only when I opened the door between the bedrooms and the kitchen did I feel and smell the gas spewing into the house. I lived through that one and I felt blessed, but I think that the second time in my life to have gas left on when a roommate went to bed is tempting fate.
I dont think I want to tempt fate again.


  1. I told Jason about this event....he was shocked!! So glad you're okay girl!!

  2. Dang Gina. You need an electric stove. sheesh. Just for the record, I never tried to poison you or burn our house down. :) Glad you're alive!

  3. We have had that happen also and how lucky we were. The headache remained for the day though. Glad you're here:)