Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Park City & BreAna A.

The next day I drove to Clearfield and stayed with Amy T.! I think she holds the title for living with me the longest in college. She and I were roommates from 2002-2005. So fun, I miss living with that girl! It’s always so fun to stay with her, because her mom is so nice (just like Amy) and always talks to me. The next day Amy and I went to the Gateway Mall in Salt Lake City to meet Pam P. (another Awesome Roommate from my college years). We ate lunch at the California Pizza Kitchen; sadly they didn’t have a gluten free menu :(, so Pam just had lemonade and talked with us while we ate our lunch. Sorry Pam!
After lunch we drove to Park City to tour around. I saw the Egyptian Theater, a few art galleries and on our way back down the street it started to pour down rain, so we took refuge in a chocolate shop. Yummy! As a treat I bought each of us a chocolate and you will notice we had the boy behind the counter take our picture. I really like what was behind us – candy underwear and bra. HOT! After we got our chocolate and the rain finally stopped, we saw this awesome shop that sold novelty items, and the best thing they sold was a shirt that said: “Bring a compass, it awkward when you have to eat your friends.” There were a few more that you can read for yourself. I just loved that one the most.
After Park City we drove to another roommate from college BreAna A. Since living together in 2005 BreAna married Alton! He is absolutely the best college brother-in-law we have so far. (Sorry Leslie, I know him better than Harrison) they also had a little girl and BreAna was overdue to be giving birth to another beautiful little girl. It was such a fun visit because we all got to see their cute house in Salt Lake City and meet her little girl. Alton showed us a few of his wire creations ( insert link here) and invited us to stay for a game of Wacky Six and Alton even made us fresh Orange Julius’. They were better than the ones you can buy at the mall. Seriously! It was so sad to leave them at the end of the night. I am so glad that I was able to visit them and catch up with them and all they have accomplished since I last saw them. I would have felt so sad if I had not been able to visit with them!!


  1. I want the Chocolate Undies!!! Oh, and what about my imaginary BF as the best college brother-in-law? haha I'm so glad you ladies had fun together!! I'm a little bit jealous.

  2. I'm so glad you came to see us that night too! It was so fun to see you all.