Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Arctic Circle NOT Craigo's Pizza and the Rexburg Temple

The last day of the reunion on our way out of town we all decided to stop in Rexburg for lunch. The night before during a family conversation I had told everyone that even if they didn’t stop with me, I would be stopping at Craigo’s for a pizza bomb. It was my favorite thing to eat when I was in college. Jeff, myself, and Birke all attended Brigham Young University – Idaho and for me it was some of the best times I have ever had. We pulled up to Craigo’s and the line was out the door! Like always, it never takes all that long to be seated, but my parents not knowing that the line is only long because they don’t have a foyer inside the building. So my parents decided to change the plans for everyone involved and because they had attached the lunch to Birkes birthday celebration, I had to go along with them to Arctic Circle. I have nothing against Arctic Circle, except that they are all over Idaho and Utah and we could all eat there any time! Craigo’s is only in Rexburg and seeing as thought I won’t be driving through Rexburg anytime soon I was pissed!

After lunch a bunch of us drove up to see the completed Rexburg Temple. I was fortunate to be living in Rexburg while it was being built, and I was able to come up to the open house but I had not seen the finished product till that day. So beautiful! I love how prominent it is in the Rexburg skyline. If you take Mill Hollow Road it is so cool because all you can see is the Angel Moroni bobbing above the fields of wheat, and Potatoes. Jordan & Landon Landon & Merika Merika & Branson Jeff & Suzanne's Family - LtoR Jordan, Branson, Landon, Alexa, Suzanne & Jeff Jeff & Suzanne Alexa & Branson going for a walk around the Temple.


  1. Yay Rexburg! So, I was thinking... if we can't do Europe... which is still plan A, maybe plan be is a trmple hopping road trip across the US... what think ye?

  2. I think that might be fun, but I think a cruise somewhere cheaper would also be fun. Like down to Mexico?