Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 14th, 2010 - Birkes BIG day!

The last day of the reunion was full of packing the trailers and the trucks and drum roll please…. It was my younger brother Birkes 21st Birthday!!! I am so happy that we all got to be there for his big day. I cant believe that he is legal! He apparently has been asking my parents for a gun for his birthday, and if any of you know my parents you know that buying guns is just not their style. But to all of our surprise Birke got a gun!

Happy Birthday Birke! We Love you!
Seven reasons why we love Birke! 1. He is a great carrier of children 2. He can sleep anywhere! 3. He enables children to be turned into Superman 4. He is super strong!5. He is a great uncle, and such a great little brother. 6. He is super cute 7. He is the only guy I know who knows everything about everything


  1. We love you Birke!!! Did you really get a gun? It looks kinda puny. What is it?

  2. OOOOHHHHHH!!! It's a lighter!!! Haha!