Sunday, July 18, 2010

Craters of the Moon, Twin Falls ID, & Clinton Ut

After the whole Arctic Circle/ Craigo’s debacle I was feeling like doing something I wanted to do. So as I was driving through Idaho Falls I realized that If I took the 20 west, I would end up in Carey Idaho, and Craters of the Moon National Park.

I remember going driving through there when I was kid and my brothers John & Jeff made a fake leg and foot and hung it out of the back of the car, as if the leg had been shut in the door.

I thought it would be good because I could get some good stories and pictures to tell me geography class when we talk about volcanoes. I think that it is such a cool place.

Some Lichen I found on some of the rocks. In person it was bright neon green. Lava rock sand

I met my mom in Twin Falls, where she was staying with my Grandma “GG” Anderson. I stayed with my Aunt Judy at her house. It was fun to stay there and have one-on-one time with Aunt Judy and Shana. Shana and I talked a lot about education and what my plans are for my career. She is an AP at a high school, and so she always has good advice with it comes to stuff like at. The conversation with her is making me feel like I need to get on my masters. I want that pay raise!! I was also able to spend some time with my grandma during the few days I was in Twin Falls. I was also able to see Melissa & Cody’s cute house. I loved how she had is decorated. The baby’s room was finished and super cute and it is all decorated in pink and green.

On my last day in Twin my Aunt Judy took me to a super cute scrapbooking store that she frequents. It was so fun to go shopping with my aunt.
Every time I am in Twin Falls I am surprised with how small of a town it is. I feel like it is bigger than it actually is.

I then drove my mom to my brother Johns house in Clinton Ut, where she was meeting my dad to drive home to California. While I was at John's house I took a few pictures of his kids. Stephen Megan showing off her new outfit from Grandma Stout Megan & Aunt Merika

I wasn't staying there so I just dropped her off there and then drove up to Providence UT to stay with my brother Jeff's family for about a week.

This trip is proving to be a lot of driving!

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