Monday, December 20, 2010

You guessed it... I am moving again!

Its official! I am moving again! I know what you are all thinking... "Why is Merika moving again?" My only explanation for this moving insanity would be the fact that I must be crazy. Just like my parents when all the kids were younger. I have lived in Las Vegas since 2007 and have lived in 5 places and that number is about to be 6. Five reasons I am excited about this move; 1. Shanna and Skyler are the best roommates and they are moving with me. 2. I will be living closer to my work, but not too close if you know what you mean. 3. I will be close to my favorite stores including, but not exclusively...

As well as Kyandys Scrapbook house, and Scrapin time. 4. After living in a house and having all that crazy responsibility, I am moving into an apartment where I don't have to remember what day is trash day or weed the pathway or sweep up mountains of leaves from trees and best of all I will have a gym on the facility so there will be no more excuses. 5. New singles ward!! I am so excited about that last one. The current singles ward I am in is a total let down.

I am totally going to love living in the southeast corner of Las Vegas.

We are moving on the 28th and so I would like to offer to all of you a opportunity (and I wish I could say that it wont come up again but...) we would love to have any and all help available to help load and unload the truck.

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