Thursday, November 25, 2010


As a teacher in Las Vegas I only got Thursday and Friday off of work for the thanksgiving holiday; so driving 9 hours each way was out of the question so I got to stay in town. Yea! I know that looked like a sarcastic "yea", but it wasn't. I got to spend the whole weekend lounging, some light black Friday shopping, making yummy home made crescent rolls, packing boxes for the move in December and crafting. What could be better than that? Oh yeah! Thanksgiving Dinner at Staci's house!! Staci is a good friend that has completely revived my love of scrapbooking. She is my number one crafting friend and she and her husband invited my roommate Shanna and I over of dinner. It was yummy, fun and a great all day event.

Here's the real kicker. Even though Staci and I are avid scrapbookers we didn't take any pictures of the day. FAIL!

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  1. I was just thinking about your oh so delicious crescent rolls! Yum!