Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movies tonight

Shanna and I went out to the Orleans for a movie tonight and were so disgusted by the smell eminating from the theater that we were supposed to be in. We were trying to see Unstoppable, but ended up seeing Megamind. It ended up being a really cute movie, but I still want to see Unstoppable.
When we told the manager, told us that it had happened the day before, Hello! if it smells like the sewer is backing up, then you shouldn't put people into that theater till its fixed. I dont think I will be going back to that theater anytime soon.


  1. Ok that is totally gross!

  2. Why did you go to The Orleans? Is it that close to your place? Are you still moving? Red Rock is the best by far!

  3. Yeah the Orleans is only two blocks away, I agree I like the Red Rock, but I actually like Village Square on Sahara & Fort Apache better. Its closer and smaller and I dont have to deal with the casino.