Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My Musical would have been better...

A few years ago while on a road trip to Denver Colorado with my friend Kris we began talking about how much we love Mamma Mia and the fact that all the music is from ABBA. We then started discussing other music groups that we could do that with. We decided that The Beach Boys would be perfect for that! We sketched out a story line and where each song would be inserted. It was awesome! I do believe that scrap of paper is now living at the bottom of a landfill.
Fast forward about 4 years and someone else had a similar idea and they turned it into a show in Las Vegas called Surf. Shanna was able to get she and I free tickets to the last show. It was fun, and the backdrops were really well done. I am glad I got to see it... but I still think my musical would have been better!


  1. I saw that you went to see that and remembered that it was our idea first, too!!

  2. if only! I invented colored pantihose before it was invented and did nothing about it. I also came up with pull-up pants before they were invented. IF ONLY!

  3. I think next time you come up with a good idea! Do something about it.