Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Independance, Manzanar, and The Still Life Cafe

Independence California was such a fun and interesting little town. The sidewalks rolled up early, but there was one thing that was absolutely amazing... the Still Life Cafe. We had the best pork loin I have ever had, all of the veggies were grown in their own little garden and everything was fresh and tasty. It was possibly the best thing I have ever tasted! The restaurant was owned and operated by a french couple who had immigrated to the US about 15 years earlier.

We stayed at the Mt. Williamson Motel. Owned and operated by a elderly couple from Sweden I believe. It was a bunch on small cabins that were clean, tidy, and comfortable. In the morning, the wife made all the guests from the night before a hot breakfast of toast with homemade jam, sausage, a pancakes. How amazing is that?!
Manzanar was incredible, visiting, learning and seeing what the US government put the Japanese people of America through during WWII is so heartbreaking. I am so glad that we as a country are not trying to sweep this indiscretion under the rug, rather we are inviting our citizens to come and learn and see what not to do in the future when faced with a similar situation.

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