Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday Five - Places I want to see and why

My Friday five this week is all about where and what I want to see in my lifetime.
1. I want to see the hills, lochs, and castles of Ireland and Scotland.

2.I want to see the pyramids and the Sahara desert. While I am there I want to ride on the back of a camel through the sand. I also want to shop at one of the famous bazaars of the middle east and sail on the Nile.

3. I want to see the spires of the great cathedrals from the middle ages of France and of course the catacombs under the streets of Paris.
Catacombs under the streets of Paris France.

K├Âlner Dom (Cologne, Germany)

Notre Dame, France

4. I want to sunbathe on the coasts of the Mediterranean sea. I want to walk where Jesus walked and see what Jesus saw.

5. I want to swim at the barrier reef and see Ayers rock and I want to spend time in the outback with some aboriginals and have a close call with an alligator or maybe a Tasmanian devil! I want to see some if the interesting animals that Australia has to offer.

1 comment:

  1. I feel lucky to have seen some of your favorite places- Notre Dame and Koln Cathedrals, Paris twice, but no catacombs