Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Five - Chores for Saturday

So I woke up this morning and I quickly realized that I had not posted a Friday Five yesterday. So I thought about it and seeing as my mind is quite tired from a week of lack of sleep, and agonizing about what is going to happen with my school and me, and of course spending time figuring out if I wanted to apply for summer school ( I decided yes and have started the process). I know that summer is to get away from the kids, but I thought money vs sitting by the pool/in my hot apartment. I decided that Money was better, plus we will be saving A/C money while I am not there!

Back to what this post is really all about - My Saturday Chores! Yeah!
I am going to see the Las Vegas Wranglers Hockey game tonight at the Orleans Arena with friends so I think I need to set some goals of what is going to get done today so that I don't waste the whole day on what I would really love to be doing, which is being crafty.
I know that I could make it look like I posted this thing yesterday, but if you are an early morning blogger like me (or at least I read them early in the morning) you would know better, so instead of insulting your intelligence I am going to let the computer post it when it was actually posted.

1. Laundry - I mean all of it! bedding, towels, hamper, and then putting it all away. I hope no one else in my house wants to do laundry today! 1pm - halfway done! Geeze I have so much to wash.
2. Go to Walmart and pick up 2 shelves, and an under the bed storage container, so that I may contain all of my nice (freshly washed) bedding that I don't use in the blistering summer heat of Las Vegas. Last year I just tucked it under the bed, but when I pulled it out last fall so that I could use it, there were dust bunnies all over it. Then I had to wash it all over again. Waste of my time! Gross! So this time I am not making that same mistake! 1pm,- have made some progress on this as I have spent some time online shopping for the exact thing, and it turns out I have a coupon and gift card for that store. I am going to get ready for the day and go pic these storage pieces up.
3. Vacuum my bedroom. 1pm - Had to fix the vac, but this is done now.
4. Organize my craft area better. I will even show you what it looks like right now and then later when its all organized.


5. Lastly, I need to spend some time in my closet organizing my clothes so that my winter stuff is at the back and all my summer tees and crops are at the front. This step will also include trying on most of it to see how it looks, because if I don't like it; then its going in the DI box for the Thrift shop.

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  1. I look forward to seeing the craft area when it is organized. It looks like you have some serious craft ability!