Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi ho! Hi ho! Off to Rexburg we go! part 1

Amy and I decided that we needed one more road trip before I left Utah and headed back to Nevada. We decided that Rexburg was the perfect place! Yay!!! We booked a hotel and took off! We stayed at the AmericInn. It was fabulous!
The next morning we had a great Continental breakfast and then took off to visit our old college stomping ground.

We visited the Rexburg temple first. It was the first time Amy had been to see it and it was very cool. Afterwards we walked around the campus of BYU-Idaho. There were EFY kids all over the place, but it was still fun to walk around and see everything. Especially the Ricks Building. They have changed the gardens since I was there three years ago. There were some very pretty additions!I of course had to take picture in the engagement spot! That ones for you Krystal!

Taylor Building!

One of the biggest changes that BYU-I has had is the expansion and renovation of the MC. Holy Cow things have changed! All those cold walks between the MC and the library are over! These incoming freshman are going to be so spoiled! Check out this connection! Also, the chairs in the library are new and super comfortable. Amy and I had to try them out!

While in the Kirkham, we checked out the double toilet stall and they had made it normal! so sad!

For lunch we met up with Danny & Anna Allen and met their two adorable kids Lilly and Beckett. We ate at Arctic Circle so that Lilly could play on the toys while we ate.

After lunch we drove over to Campus and took pictures infront of all of our our old apartments.
Royal Crest 115

Royal Crest 206
Royal Crest 108

Davenport 9

Aspen Village 706

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  1. I could be wrong, but I'm PRETTY sure my friend Amy lived in Davenport #9.
    And...the DOUBLE toilet! I had forgotten about that!!!