Monday, March 26, 2012

Las Vegas Downtown Str"EATS" - food truck party

A few weekends ago I met a friend Val and another girl in downtown Las Vegas. I had never been but apparently there is a big party downtown with food trucks and other vendors twice a year. It was really fun, a local DJ provided music and there was tons of free giveaways.
My friend was late an I had a little bit of a freak out while I was waiting cuz I looked like some kind of pariah standing there alone for 55 min with just my phone for company.
I had a minor twitter freakout while I was waiting for my friend, 35 posts in a span of 45 min. Not good. One nice thing happened while I was standing alone. A guy who had also been standing alone near me by the front gate came over and said, "are you waiting for someone too?" I responded in the positive and he proceeded to ask if he could stand with me because his buddies were also late. We talked while we waited for our friends. So at least I didn't have to stand alone for the whole 55 min.

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