Saturday, February 4, 2012

Mob Style Weekend Adventure

Amie and I decided that this weekend it would be Mob themed - we are in Vegas!
We started our adventure at the Tropicana where we toured the newly opened Mob Experience, there were some pretty cool art pieces depicting some of the better known Mobsters of the time. Didn't realize that the interactive portion of the "Mob Experience" was not open yet so we decided that we needed to make our own experience.
We drove over to the Gold & Silver Pawn shop - it’s the one that is featured on A&E - pawn stars. Turns out that one of my old roommates- crazy Melissa - still works there! After looking around and unfortunately not seeing any of the guys from the show we headed over to a new Italian Restaurant - Mr. B's Ristornate and Piano Lounge Brings Back A little Bit Of Old Vegas with A New Twist. It has a red grand piano, a gelato bar, and tasty Italian dishes, all accompanied by lounge singers or a kindly gentleman tickling the ivories. My friend Alex S. works the bar over there and she had told me that she was working tonight. So we decided to go and visit her, sadly she was called off at the last minute and we are already there so we ate anyways. For an appetizer we shared the caprese salad. For all of you know me, then you know that tomatoes and I are not friends. But I was being brave and I cut off one of the slices and a chunk of the mozzarella and a bit of the basil leaf and took a bite... I loved it! Still not a huge fan of tomatoes, but that caprese salad was so delish! I had a stuffed shells dish and Amie had the fettuccini alla Bolognese. Both were delicious and very filling. For dessert we had small cups of the gelato - Amie had dark chocolate and I had the hazelnut.

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